Thursday, January 17, 2013

December 2012... Hawaii and Cali fun

Be ready for a ridiculous amount of pictures... December was a busy month for us and forgive me but they are not in order.
We walked by this guy our first night in Hawaii and I had to get a pic 
 The night before we left for our trip Aricin did some rock climbing at a party
 Aricin and Daddy at his Christmas Party
 Us at the Denver Ballet's Nutcracker... We all loved it!
 Tally at Ballet Class
 Daddy surprised her and made it to one of her classes
Newport Beach... This was towards the end of our trip back in Cali 
 Newport... oh how we miss this beach
 Oliver at the Lego store in Downtown Disney
 Daddy and Aricin at ToonTown Disneyland
 Brotherly Love in Hawaii
 Impact Edventures Christmas Tree Auction- it was an awesome fundraiser!
 Hugs in Hawaii
 Before Christmas we had an Elf show up different spots every morning
Silly Elf 
 O and Daddy
 Bad Hair day in Hawaii
 Snack Time

 The kids got to feed the Koi at our hotel
 Funny Face
The boys on our balcony 
 At the Paradise Cove Luau

 Spear Throwing
Matching Tattoos 
 All of us
 Hawaiian Princess
 Beach fun at the Lagoon
Hang Loose 

 A loved the slides at the Hotel Pool
 This is what happens when we asked Grandpa and Uncle Jon to babysit Oliver...

 My little bro, Jon down on one knee...
 She said YES!

 Petting the Penguins at the Hotel

 Hanging out with Uncle Jasun

 View from the Balcony

 Diamond Head Hike

Diamond Head with little Bro, Jasun 

 The engaged couple... love them!

 Oliver's first paddleboarding session

 The Fam

 Family Paddleboarding adventure

 Aricin loved surfing on the Paddle board

 We got to hang out with my old roommate, Kristen from when I went on Semester at Sea in 2000.

 Angry Birds
 Martinet Family Gift... Being able to touch our noses with our tongues 

I made him take this, he's a good man :) 
Happy Kiddos in Santa Barbara for New Years 

 So much fun with the Falconer's and Copus Families

 Daddy went surfing out at UCSB and we got to play in the sand
 Aricin got stuck on a rock

 Visiting with Great Grandma in SB
Hanging with the Bancrofts 

 LOVE LOVE LOVE Small World!!!
 Lake Arrowhead Visit to see Great Grandma Ruth and Great Grandpa Ron

Bryn and the swings 
Fun with Grandpa Rick 
 Farmers market in San Luis Obispo- so fun

 Concert for Grandma

As you can see we had a pretty Killer December/January. Before we left we were busy with our crazy Elf surprising us every morning in a new funny spot. Aaron's non profit threw a fundraiser, a christmas tree auction that i ended up catering for and decorating. It was a huge hit and despite being a lot of work was a lot of fun too! 

December 21st we left HR at 2pm and drove 14 hours straight to Phoenix where we tried to fly stand by. We were numbers 39-42 on the stand by list but by the grace of God we made it, got the last 4 seats and made it to Hawaii at about the same time as my parents via Sacramento and my brothers via San Diego. Our Hotel (The Hilton Hawaiian Village) was amazing. Super kid friendly, with it's own lagoon and water slides at the pool. Our days were spent surfing, paddle boarding, playing beach volleyball, hiking diamond head, playing with the kids in the sand, and laying around the pool. The week went by too fast! My little brother Jon, proposed to his girlfriend while we were out there, it was fun to watch him go down on his knee and then celebrate with them the last few days of the trip. 

We didn't have any problems flying back to Phoenix, we got in at midnight and drove straight to Pasadena, getting to Aaron's dad's about 6am. We had a great time with them and even got to go to Disneyland. We also spent New Years in Santa Barbara with good friends and Aaron was able to get another surf session in. We also hit up Newport before Aaron flew out. I spent an extra 5 days in Cali with my parents and then over in San Luis Obispo and Avila for Farmers market on Thursday night. Oh yeah i almost forgot we also Drove up to Lake Arrowhead to hang out with my awesome grandparents- Needless to say we were BUSY but it was SOO FUN. We are blessed with some pretty awesome friends and family. My mom made the drive back to Colorado with me- it was so good to have her help, we were sad to see her go.

We are now home and trying to despoil the kids and get them back into a normal rhythm. They are back in school, Aaron's back at work. Oliver has started a once a week tumbling class. Tally's back in Ballet and I am always busy doing or planning something. We just found out Aricin got into Aspen View Academy, a charter school in Castle Rock- it's pretty hard to get into so we were pretty excited when we found out. 

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