Sunday, March 03, 2013

A Fabulous February...

 Testing out our new Snow Shoes
 Cliff Jumping...

 Painting... Oliver got hungry 
 Swim Lessons
 Oliver with a baby
Western Day at Pre School 
Denver Aquarium with the Sammons 

 A feeding crickets to the fish

Fun Times with the Sammons 
 Denver Beer Co.

Face Plant in the snow= Rosey Cheeks 
O's Tumbling Class... 

 A and Atlas

February flew by as time has been doing to quickly. Oliver has enjoyed his tumbling class, Talia is still super into her Ballet, T and A are in swim lessons and Mommy has started a new mid week Bible study. Highlights of the month... Jeremiah (our dog) ate a small tablet that when submerged in water turned into an animal shaped sponge. He ate it and then we called the doggy ER who said we needed to induce vomiting. Aaron fed him tons of salt and got the sponge to come back out- gross i know, and yet this was our Valentines Day :) I had my 4th annual panty party with a bunch of fun gals- we did a white elephant panty exchange, ate yummy food, and laughed a lot! 
I just finished the book "The Dovekeepers", it was a pretty intense read, not they typical british chick lit that i seem to devour- this book was rooted in deep history (70AD) and rich info in the Hebrew culture and life at the fortress of Masada. What made it extra cool was that when I was in Israel I got to go to the Dead Sea and Masada which in some ways made the book come more to life- anyways I'm in a book club and looking forward to discussing the book with a bunch of girls over a Jewish meal this week. I've also started reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker. I'm sold on Jen Hatmaker and have proclaimed the Beth Moore of our generation- if you haven't read any of her books I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND her. I loved her book Hearing God through the Static and 7 is pretty awesome so far. Wednesday night i met with a few girl friends to discuss the first chapter. I've also started a new job. I'm a LCC (Child care consultant) with Cultural Care Au Pair. I have a case load of about 12 families and their Au Pairs that i'm responsible for checking in with once a month as well as planning a monthly get together for my 12 Au Pairs. It seems like it's going to be a very minimal amount of work (all of which i can do when Aaron's around) and i'm excited to get to know my international girls and encourage them. 
I also started doing family year books for us, I'm taking all of our pics for the year and putting them in a photo book with a summary of every thing that happened that year and printing out a year book for each of the kids, So far i've just finished 2012 and 2011, I still have 10,9, and 8. Our sweet friends Troy and Becca came to visit us as they are on furlow right now. They've been missionaries in Kenya for the last few years and will be going back soon. It was soo good to hang out with them and their sweet girls- we love them and hope to visit them in Kenya sometime. We just went out with our good friends Jeff and Katie for Restaraunt week in Denver. We went to Kevin Taylor's at the Opera House and it was Amazing! First course was a pork belly in a dirty rice, for the second course i got the salmon while Aaron got the steak and for dessert I got the Creme Brulle while Aaron got a Peanut Butter Torte- so yummy and all for 52.80- I think Restaraunt week is my favorite week of the year!
Looking ahead, we are hoping to ski sometime this spring with the kids, make it to the Western Slope to visit family in Palisade, and Breathe! We are still planning on moving back into our house in June, when our friends move out and this summer is filled with lots of weddings. One of Aaron's closest friends is getting married in southern california in June, my cousin and brother are getting married in southern california both in July, and Aaron's old roommate is getting married in Scotland the end of August and we're hoping to make it. God is so good and continues to provide and fill us with the energy and love we need to pour into our kiddos. 

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