Thursday, August 08, 2013

A jubilent July

On Wednesdays it's fun to walk the Harbor and watch the Sail Boat Races
 El Tapatio with Grandpa
 Hiding out at their favorite new park on Shoreline
 Lilly- one of the Dinosaurs at the Zoo
 Madam Butterfly
 Surfing the ant hill at the zoo
 Cousins. It was fun to a part of Joelle's wedding
 Cousins. Aricin hanging out with Attison
 Hanging out with the Nolands. If it weren't for their parents Aaron and I may have never gotten together
 My brother, Jon's birthday
 Nap time... In the pool?
 Aricin added +2 to his list of ER trips for stitches
 despite the stitches he still smiles
 Aricin loves to wear his Zoo Keeper Costume when we visit daddy at lunch at the Zoo
 Hendry's dog beach. Jeremiah loves this place. Only bummer is that you walk away with tar balls on the bottoms of your feet
 The happy couple the night before they got married
 Me and my bros
 The Fam
The Ring Bearer 
 Oli had a little too much Apple Cider
 Passed out on Apple Cider

Loving our new life in Santa Barbara
 Girls Weekend. My old Track House Roommates
 Girls Weekend at Fiesta
 Best friends, White Robes, and Mimosas... nuff said
 Wonderful dinner and wonderful server imported from Italy

 Baseball Lessons from Grandpa
 Swimming with Grandpa Rick and the cousins

 Our new place...

 Aaron painted that beachy mural while I was gone at the Girls Weekend

 Dining Room

 Play Room 

Kids Bath 
 Kids Room


 Master Closet
 Master Bath

So we did it. We are totally living in SB and loving it. Aaron loves his new job as the Director of Education at the Santa Barbara Zoo. He rides his bike along the boardwalk 4 miles into work and we try to pack lunches and meet him at the Zoo a couple times a week. As for me and the kids, we are pretty moved in and trying to figure out what our routine is going to look like. So far we've been getting out to parks and the beach everyday. The kids really love it here and i'm adjusting to having a little bit of sand on my kitchen floor all the time. My best friend from college, Zoe lives a half a mile away and we walk together and eat meals with them at least a couple times a week. Aaron's reconnected with a couple of friends from seminary that are working on PhD's at UCSB and it's been fun to get to know those two families. I've enjoyed being closer to family. I have to sets of aunts and uncles an hour away in Avila Beach, a cousin that has already baby sat once in Ventura, and another aunt and uncle an hour south in Thousand Oaks. 

God is good and we continue to feel blessed and like this is where we're supposed to be right now. Finances are super tight with the cost of living in Santa Barbara being 20% more then Denver, but we are making it work and really living pretty similarly to how we were. I'm excited to see what home schooling is going to be like. I just signed Aricin up for a second Co-op at a charter school. So Tuesdays he'll go to Santa Barbara Charter School and Wednesdays he'll go to Classical Conversations and Thursdays he will go back to the Charter for an Extracurricular class. I'm excited about what these programs will offer him socially and we just signed him up for soccer in the fall. We're trying to decide what to enroll Tally in... Ballet, Riverdance, or Gymnastics. 

My girls weekend was amazing. We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment at the Montecito Inn that was Ah-Mazing! I love these girls and it was so good to talk, run with, shop with, eat with, drink with, and hang out with some of my favorite people. 

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