Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ohhhh October

New fun tradition... We ride the old carousel on Cabrillo whenever it's someone's birthday. It's only $2 a kiddo and the ride lasts 5 minutes- the kids love this and look forward to it.
 My little Oliver has no fear. He loves to find rocks and cliffs to climb at the park. And actually giggles when he starts to fall at the rush of Adrenaline- My little Adrnaline junkie keeps me nervous.
 Home School- Abstract Art time. We are loving home schooling. It's such a gift to be able to sit and teach the kids new things. It's not all perfect- I have very little moments of down time and find that it's a lot harder to keep up with the house work and my super part time job with Cultural Care Au Pair. But all and all it's been a huge blessing for our family
 On the same day that Aricin scored his goal his ball popped
 AVP came to SB and my brother came to town- we all went and watched Kerri Walsh dominate after having just had her 3rd kiddo. 
 Oli loves to poke the sea anenamaes on our walks at Hendry's
 The Carpinteria Avocado Festival
 Making Chocolate dipped pumpkin pretzels. So fun and yet so messy!
 We caught a Westmont Volleyball game- It was so nice to be back in that gym, it even smelled the same :) It made me feel both young and old at the same time
 Shark Attack!

 Fun times at my cousin Jamie's wedding...

 Fun times at a Halloween Carnival...

 Seriously... this was a little high for me, especially considering technically she didn't quite weigh enough to be doing it 

 Oli wasn't too sure about the Bubbles on water- but he didn't cry- just looked a little confused the whole time

 Race track at the Carnival- Aricin ran almost everyone off the road

At the park I looked up and found Aricin at the top of the slide... with his bike. I stopped him from an Evil Kaneval Ideas he may of had. Are all boys like this??? 
 Talia's Fairy Princess Tea Party
 Love Light and Melody benefit concert in SB with Brian Kettler and Brad Corigan from Dispatch- such a good show and soo good to see these guys- we miss them!
 My baby girl is 4 years old!!!
 She is so full of life. Loves to nurture her dolls. Loves to pray with authority prayers of protection and prayers of thanksgiving for our family and her brothers. She has such a sweet spirit about her- I'm so thankful God has allowed me to help raise this princess
 Aricin searching for treasures around the harbor at Sunset. We have so much shell shrapnel in our car and garage it's ridiculous.
 Cruisin. They still love the cars Grandpa Rick
 Fun times hanging out with good friends from SLO at Jennie Davis's wedding
Sword fighting with grandpa in Avila Beach at the Martinet's  
 We love doing worship time together- Aaron plays his guitar and the boys grab their guitars to strum along with daddy. I Love these moments!
 More from the Fairy Princess Tea Party

 This is our good friend Michael... He's a giraffe.
 The kids like to feed Michael at the Zoo. They've got the craziest- long blue tongues
 Aricin's soccer team... The Purple Dragons

 In Action- So fun to watch him

As you can see October has been busy. We went to 2 beautiful weddings, Aricin has been loving soccer and hanging out with his teammates. Talia turned 4 and we celebrated with a Fairy Princess Tea Party with some of her new girlfriends from school. Our good friends, Jeff and Katie Brown flew out from Denver and got to hang out with us. We did the carousel, fed the giraffes at the Zoo, took a quick trip to Avila Beach where the kids hung out with grandma and Grandpa at the Martinet's. The kids dressed up as Sharks for Halloween and went trick or treating for the first time. We also got to go to an Amazing church carnival where the kids jumped on bungee trampolines and got to walk on water in big bubbles along with lots of other fun rides and bounce houses. 

We are continuing to lay roots here. We like our church (Santa Barbara Community Church), enjoy our  wednesday night small group, I'm getting to know new mommy friends in mops on fridays. Aricin enjoys his school with me and getting to hang out with friends at Santa Barbara Charter school on Tuesdays and in his Medieval Heraldry class on thursdays. Both kids enjoy going to Classical Conversations on Wednesdays where they are learning Latin, multiplication tables, history, and other fun things. We continue to make new friends and connect with new and old friends and yet still desire and can't wait to grow deeper with our friends here- Aaron keeps reminding me depth takes time. We still miss our old small group friends in Denver, but we've already seen 3 out of 5 of the couples as they've come out to visit. I'm struggling with balance. Trying to figure out how to be a homeschooling mom, while keeping the house clean, exercising (what's that?), and feeling at peace and not stressed. I often struggling with extending Grace to myself as I try to "do everything." as I often have a tough time asking for help. We're still unsure of the longterm vision of our housing situation. We are thankful for the rental that we're in now, and thankful that we qualify to buy under the median housing program in Santa Barbara but aren't sure how or when we will try to take advantage of it because we'd have to sell our house in Visalia first and we're not sure if we'd be able to break even on it. We are trying to just maintain grateful hearts and treasure these sweet moments with our kiddos and enjoy the sun, sand, and Santa Barbara. Please come visit :)


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