Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jumping right into January...

 Tally loves to head out at sunset and go paddle boarding with her daddy
 Life size drawings of ourselves... seemed like a good idea but ended up looking more creepy then anything
 Grandma came to town and the kids got Dippin Dots at the Zoo

 We picked up a couple of paddle boards and the whole family has enjoyed the investment
 even Ollie
 Tally and Faith
 Aricin and Eli
 Hanging with the Johnsons in San Clemente. The Johnsons are special friends to us- I've known Kristy and Darin for the last 15 years- they went to Westmont and when we lived in Orange County they were in our small group so we got to spend more time with them. So fun to go down and reconnect with them.
San Clemente 

 Ty Warner Sea Center on the Pier- SB
 Dinner with the Millers and their 3 kiddos in San Luis Obispo. Again, so fun to reconnect with old Cali friends. Aaron was in Jon and Carries wedding and Jon was in our wedding. Carrie did my hair for our wedding and Jon is now our Dentist. Love these guys and their kiddos!
 Monterey Bay Aquarium Fun

Time is flying by as always. This month i was reminded how good it is to be back in California. Moving to colorado we said goodbye to lots of friends and california and it's been really fun to reconnect with those old friends and have our kids play with their kids. We spent a weekend in San Clemente and it was good to be back in Orange County and another weekend in San Luis Obispo where we got to go to our old church and see lots of old friends. The weather has been unreal- most days since we've gotten here have been in the 70's sometimes it will touch 80 sometimes it will touch the 60's but generally- we're spoiled. We are loving the beach culture- our weekends our filled with trips to the dog beach for Jeremiah and lots of time on the water surfing and paddle boarding. All is good, we're still trying to figure out how to afford to live in SB but are confident God will continue to provide. Yesterday I passed a phone interview with Keller Williams and now i'm moving forward with lots of trainings and exams- believe it or not I'm going to try my hand at Real Estate- part time here in Santa Barbara... so if you know of anyone wanting to buy or sell... send them my way in a few months :)

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