Monday, March 03, 2014

A Fabulous February

 Whale Bones at the SB Natural History Museum
 Excavating Bones at the Natural History Museum
 Tally loves her Engineering for girls- Goldie Blox sets
 making jewelry with their beads for the babysitter
 we found this snowman head mask in Aaron's office and put it on Oliver
 Puddle jumping
 Aricin's valentines
The Boys 
 My girl
 A few pics from my saturday morning run- not bad views
 bothering the aneneme's
 my mini me

 Watching the Wizard of Oz play with Grandma and Aunt Marie

 Play time with Grandpa Rick
 Giraffe Feeding
 Train Ride

First tooth... gone.

February has come and gone so fast. We are busy. Aricin has started T-ball, Aaron just got back from a quick trip to Scotland for another progression board- all is well with his research and writing and he's hoping to finish up in the next 15 months! Woo Hoo! We are all fighting colds and coughs- stay away we are one germ filled family at the moment. Aricin lost his first tooth as shown above, it was a little sad for me- just another reminder that's he's really growing up. I finished my first college course for Real Estate training and have another final for my second class in a week. Oli is talking like crazy and loves bat man, spider man, any sort of action figure. Aricin is a magnet for animal facts and loves to share them with anyone that will listen. Tally still loves anything princess and really loves going on dates with mommy or daddy. This is such a fun stage with the kids I wish we could slow things down. 

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