Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness

 Tally waiting for Aricin to finish T-ball practice
Big storm hit SB 
 Big storm hit SB
 Uncle Jasun doing T's Toes
 Quality cousin time with Joelle and Jamie
Monkey Business
 The kids made bridges at school and had to test them

 The kids had to test out the new rock wall at the zoo before the opened it to the public
 Big guy has lost his first 2 teeth
 Princess Day at the Zoo... Talia was in heaven!

 The Paul Mitchell school was there doing free make overs... like i said... she was in heaven!

 Mommy had a girls night at the SB Rock Gym with some friends

Family tradition for St. Paddy's day- we make rainbow jello 

 The Getty Museum...

 SB Kids Festival. aricin got to break a piece of wood and tally walked a tight rope- so fun!


 At tom sawyer's island they explored the caves... like this... i thought it was so precious A wanted to protect his sister that i had to get a pic
 Oli wasn't to sure about the Jungle cruise

 LEGO LAND with the Kennedy's... so fun to hang out with cousins

 Tally and Aunt Jan

 aricin and his cousin Titus

 San Francisco ... Lego style... My favorite part of the park

 Aricin and Mason
 Oli trying to steal a lick of his cousin Gordy's ice cream

 Boys to Men free concert in downtown SB for filming of the Bachlorette group date... One of my favorite groups- those guys can sing!

 More fun times at the Zoo... hanging out with daddy

 Uncle Jasun walking Jeremiah at the Dog beach
 Maritime Museum SB

 Tally pretending to be mommy
 O feeding Michael
 T feeding Michael
 A feeding Michael
 O and T on the zoo train
 Westmont Track Meet
Found some huge shells at Ledbetter- I love beach combing for shells and sea glass!
 Aricin made this stuffed animal at school
One last shot from the Getty

As you can see March was CRAZY. It was full to say the least. Aricin started T-ball, We went to Disneyland and actually walked away with a season pass so i'm sure there will be plenty more Disney pics in the year ahead. We did a field trip to the Getty Museum and took a Trip to Lego Land with all of Aaron's family (The Kennedy's). We had lots of fun visit to the Zoo for various events, attended a fun folk festival at westmont, a track meet at westmont, a kids festival in SB, a free boys to men concert and filming of the bachlorette, and lots of trips to the beach for paddle boarding. Aaron's still cranking on PHd work and writing. Aaron has also started working with a new friend who is launching a tutoring and test prep company. I am keeping busy with home schooling, working with Cultural Care Au Pair and finishing up my studying for the state real estate exam. Aricin lost his first 2 teeth, Oliver talks like crazy and we can understand him most of the time- he's quite the funny man. Tally is confident and brave and loves to be with her brothers. We just found out our landlord passed away, so our time in this great house may be numbered. We know we'll be here until July 20th but after that we may have to move to another rental in SB- it's a little concerning but we know God will provide and are thankful to be here. Come visit us friends!

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