Friday, May 09, 2014

Adventures in April...

 Disneyland Fun

Classical Conversations year end performance 
 We went to a birthday party at the Carousel- which seemed like a great idea until I had ridden it for 15 minutes straight and wasn't so fun

 We made a treasure hunt for Aricin's pirate party... The kids were totally into following the different maps to ultimately find a wooden treasure chest filled with gold coins

 Lots of Cruise ships in the Harbor this spring
 Fun toy for Aricin's party... Roll around in a cannon ball

 The kids got to walk the plank on a slack line Aaron set up

 The after shot.... I think she had a good time at her brother's Pirate Party
 Uncle Jon Jon got Aricin a Tarp... Which seemed like an odd gift until.... We all got a chance to surf inside it... So fun!

Even grandpa 

 Pirate cupcakes
 POPSICLES! I love Oli's face!
 Oli watching the Otter at the Zoo
 Aricin got some paints for his birthday... they were quiet upstairs and I found him giving his sister a face painting. Silence can be frightening with children
 Beach Days

 Tally climbing the rocks
 Aricin's first time at the Batting cages

Yes, another trip to Disneyland 

 Zoe and Tucker.... I've been friends with this chica since we met freshman year at Westmont. It's such a sweet blessing to have her around the corner from us

Apri was so fun and busy. As you can see we took multiple trips to Disneyland with our passes and had multiple flat stanleys sent to us for fun adventures with our family. Aricin is finishing up his elective photography class. I finished up Real Estate school and am studying for the state exam- I've met with Keller Williams and it looks like when I pass the state exam I will come on with them. We so enjoy being here and being outside all the time. I'm embarassed to tell you the kids bath tub almost always has sand in it. Gross I know, but as silly as it sounds I enjoy it because I know they're having fun. Life is has been good- we've been trying to be more deliberate about having more people over and getting to know people better which has been fun to be in a regular rhythm of entertaining I think for all of us. 

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