Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mostly May and a bit of June...

Cyclone fun at the Zoo
 This is how Tally and Oli hung out at T-ball practice- in the tent
 Marshall family warm ups- in honor of the world cup
 Our Summer Bucket List is in full effect
 Yes, going down on his scooter
 Illenas's smile project pic promotion to stop human tracking
 After dinner jog to the beach with the kids
 Tea- party time

 Wannna B- Tballer
 a fun season
 Michael- the Giraffe

 Cousin fun with the Lincolns in Carpinteria 
 Cousin fun at the Harbor

 Aricin and Jonas on the Carousel
 A and T practicing their act for Circus try-outs
 me and my sweet cousin Hannah
 Modranni Chalk art Festival at the Mission
 Crazy kids!
 Fishing on the Pier

 Biggest Catch of the day by A
 T did good too
 Hanging out with some of Aaron's former students who came to town
 Rori's- best ice cream around!
 This boy is addicted to surfing and already has his own board

 She likes to catch waves too

 Fun with Paint...

 Walking the dog and exploring the beach
 James Taylor at the SB Bowl with my Cousin Joelle and Aunt and Unlce

 4 going on 24
 Zoo Brew... So much fun!
 my brother Jasun and his friends Nick and Lucy came down for the weekend

 Trying Mexican Sodas with street tacos
 seriously- these three never stop climbing
Our First Drive in movie was a hit!

We have been busy and life has been full. School's out for summer and it's nice to have a free schedule filled with lazy fun days. I just passed the California Real Estate Exam- what a relief to be done with that! I actually started crying when I got the results- sounds silly I know but since I've done this while home schooling the kids- its been a lot to juggle and well... HARD. I've had to really work at it- which isn't fun and stats show less then 50% of people pass their first time so when I heard the news I crumbled and was so overjoyed! I'm now excited to slowly ease into it- very slowly- we're talking my goal is one house a year. We've enjoyed lots of guests the last few weeks and always enjoy showing people around this fun town. The kids continue to grow like crazy and articulate all kinds of fun things as they explore the world around them. we are "in progress" with potty training Oliver. Tally loves helping me in the kitchen and Aricin is completely consumed with surfing since we got him his own board. Summer is here and June Gloom has arrived with lots of fog- which i really don't mind- it usually burns off and keeps things from getting too hot. We are so thankful God brought us back to Cali and love being in SB.

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