Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventures in August...

So... a couple months ago we had a fun photo shoot at the Zoo with a Brooks Institute Student, 
Gemma  Hynds who took some fun pics of our family. It was extra special since it was the week of our 10 year anniversary and to take pics with the kids where we got married was awesome

 We participated in a fun Where's Waldo search this summer that a toy store put on- on the last day the kids loved the free face painting

 A and T did Mutton Bustin at the SB Rodeo

If you haven't seen it... here's the link to see the kids ride...

They both did awesome and little Talia got 3rd place!

 Zoo camp
Ninja Birthday party training school 
 Gymnastics Camp
 Beach Fun

 Last time we went to Disneyland we used some credit card points and got a hotel- they upgraded us to a Pirates themed room and the kids LOVED it!

 One of my favorite things is the Pineapple float near the Jungle Cruise
 Pixie Hollow

 This little man is growing too fast
Mini Golf 
 Train rides at the SB Train museum
 The Zoo with cousins
 Michael our other pet
Us on the Pulley car- which we thought was ok to just jump on and go... until we got yelled at by the conductor... apparently your supposed to have a conductor on it with you... Oops :) Kind of makes sense seeing as once we got going fast, we didn't know how to stop- ended up being a really fun adventure!
 SB Polo Fields, might look fancy but really the whole thing was free. The kids keep asking if we can go back again. They loved stomping the divots and the free apple cider- I'd highly recommend it!

 First day of school for our 1st grader, Transitional Kindergartner, and pre-pre schooler
 August has been good. As you can see we've had lots of fun and lots of adventures. It has also had some down times. August started with a all encompassing hunt for housing- and I'm happy to report we've found a new place. Aaron's grandma past away last month and his Aunt will be moving into her house as we move into the place his aunt was renting. It's a SMALL duplex. I mean really SMALL, like 800 square feet small. We can't keep the dog- so he will be moving to Visalia with my parents which is really hard for all of us :( we have a small patio and a small detached 1 car garage. The price is great and in that i'm reminded that it's a huge blessing- and it's in Santa Barbara. Aside from that I think it's going to be really challenging but, it's what God has provided so if anything it will be a good reminder that "stuff" isn't important- as we are going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff to fit into this tiny space. I am still home schooling. The 2 bigger kiddos go to a charter school (trivium) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 2:30 where they will get history, science, and art and I will home school Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday afternoons. Friday mornings they will go to a science class at the Zoo from 9-12 (Thank you Aaron Marshall!). The fall is here. The kids start soccer this week, Aaron is coaching Tally's Under 5 girls team and a friend from church is coaching Aricin's team. Aricin will likely be starting cub scouts next week and Awanas starts in another 2 weeks. I'm going to be doing MOPS again as well as a women's bible study during the week at church. We are going to be leading a home group Thursday nights with our good friends (Zoe and Jason). Aaron's cranking on his PhD and hoping to finish before next June. I'm keeping busy with teaching sunday school at church, My Childcare Coordinator job with Cultural Care Au Pair, Real Estate and Keller Williams, and Home Schooling. Oh Yeah, and moving our entire everything in the next 10 days- needless to say we all feel completely overwhelmed with Life. All good things and all things we've chosen (with the exception of the move)- so we can't complain. I think in the midst of our hectic schedules we're trying to find balance. Find time to pray, to serve, to be deliberate and present with those around us and to not go through the motions; making life procedural -but rather we want to soak it all in (every experience). The moments where we laugh, the moments where we are cleaning up someones poop, pee, or snot, and the hugs when we are feeling completely sad and overwhelmed and needing God more than ever- because right now we've got a whole of all of that. We are renting a small space- and that's ok because we love Santa Barbara and feel like this is where we want to be and where we are supposed to be. God is good and we are thankful for that as we stand in anticipation excited to see how he will use us and challenge us in this next season. And... Come visit- our new space may be small but we always have room for guests!

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