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June Gloom and and saying goodbye in July

This is a pic from our 10 year anniversary stay-cation. My parents took the kids for 5 glorious days as we ate at some of the best spots in santa barbara and played. From paddle boarding the harbor to tennis to runs on the beach we enjoyed our time sans kids.
 My beautiful half sister Branigan was in town for a Bachelorette party- it was so good to see her, can't wait for her to visit again
 We've been married 10 YEARS!!! Here's a sneak peak at a fun photo shoot we did at the zoo... more fun family pics to come sometime soon. I still can't believe that God brought us back full circle to the very place we got married. Aaron loves his job at the Zoo and we love Santa Barbara.
 Yes, folks that's poop. Let me explain. This comes from the trenches of the potty training front. I told my 2 year old he wouldn't get an M&M unless I saw his poop- because he kept saying he went on the potty and there was nothing there... His response- I'll poop in my hand (no wear near the toilet) and bring it to the lady for my candy. Needless to say potty training is not going so well 
 Aaron scored some free tickets to special event in town for Fiesta- it was fun to get away and have a Spanish Cowboy themed date night

 One of my favorite things in life is collecting shells and we have found an amazing beach (Come visit and I'll share) where you can find HUGE shells- I feels like little gifts from God because i seriously get gitty when I find these big boys. And yes we found an I-phone 5 too
 Day trip to the La Brea Tar Pits and LA Zoo... fun times exploring with the kids

 Talbot reunion... It's been 6 years since our boys graduated with their Masters and it was so sweet to have two of our favorite family's come visit us for a weekend. Our last reunion was 3 years ago in Tennessee- such fun times and to think now we have 8 kids between us.

 I got to help throw a fun couples shower for my bestie, Zoe who's on bedrest with a sweet baby girl. We felt like the guys and gals each needed to have their own favors
 4th of July... So fun to have all of us together for the 4th- only one missing was my sister in law courtney who was studying for her med school boards. We got to go beer tasting at Figueroa Mountain Brewery
 What's the 4th without some craziness- thanks mom!

 And a family surf session before everyone left
 Then my cousin (who was also my made of honor and happens to live 20 minutes down the road in Ventura) came to town for her 1 year anniversary- time for all of us to go back out and hit a few Brewery's. This was at Eureka
 Telegraph Brewery
 Pure Order Brewery- Seriously one of the coolest spots with lots of outdoor games- reminded me of Denver

 Kids world Park 
 Rockin Grandpa
 Can your grandma do this?
 Skateboard shannagins

 Future Rock Star- she loves strummin on her Guitar
 Yes, we've even gotten some bowling in this summer
 One of their favorite spots... The ant hill at the Zoo. Surfing down or sliding
 My bestie from high school lives pretty close- it's been fun to reconnect and get all of our kids together

 Weekend Away with Grandma and Grandpa
 Free Silent Film at the Sunkin Gardens at the SB Court House

 Us at the Harbor- my favorite spot to Paddle board because there's no wake :)
 Staying cool at Grandma and Grandpa's house
 The French Festival. I tried my first Macrooon- a mango Macroon and it was amazing!
 Double fisting it at Grandma's house
 Ready to Paint
 Ventura Pirate Festival

 SAD NEWS... After Aricin's stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house he is now a Giants fan and is trying to convert his little brother. We keep reminding him that the sky is Dodger Blue and hope to win him back soon
 This chica went to a Frozen Themed Ballet Camp and loved every minute of it

 Shopping trip with grandma
 This little Shredder dominated Skate camp and can't wait to go again next year. It was so fun to watch him gain confidence as he tried more and more tricks
 Boys only Backpacking trip in the Sierras
 Aricin's best friend from Colorado, Keegan and his dad JR flew out to California from Colorado for a father son backpacking trip- the boys and the dads all survived and had an awesome time

 Grandma bought Tally this Frozen dress and Tally is so excited
 Viva la Fiesta- waiting for the parade for the SB's old Spanish Days. Tally' loved the Flamenco dancers and Aricin loved the Ranchero's swinging their Lasso's around. Tomorrow night they are both Muttin Bustin (Riding a sheep like a bull in the SB Rodeo)
Busting Caracerones (eggs filled with confetti) on each other's heads

June and July have been good busy- not stressfull just fun and enjoying the summer time. Our stay-cation sans kiddos was one of my highlights for sure. I can now readily give out restraunt reviews and reccomendations for the top spots in town... maybe i'll post that another time. The kids have had created some fun memories and had some awesome experiences this summer. Aricin is a little grom and wants to surf with daddy every chance he can get. His favorite camp this summer was the Skate Camp. He also loved backpacking with daddy. Tally loved her Frozen themed Ballet Camp and in a couple weeks will get to do a under the sea themed Gymnastics camp. She is really looking forward to starting soccer this fall as Aaron will be her coach. Oli is not interested in Potty training to my dismay but he loves going to Zoo camp and singing the songs and talking about the zoo animals. His vocabulary has exploded and he has no fear- if he could do skate camp i'm sure he would. Oh yeah, all of the kids also loved a Spy themed Vacation Bible School they did for a week complete with spy glasses and toys. 

Aaron is plugging away at his Phd and hoping to finish in the next year. He still loves what he does at the Zoo. I am officially licensed as a California Real Estate Salesperson- crazy right? I'm holding this loosely and hope it will serve as a source of a little extra income for us. 

So you might be wondering... What's the Gloom in the title about... A couple things. Aaron's grandma who lived here in Santa Barbara and who we've been able to visit past away last week. She was in her 90's and lived a long wonderful life and is now in Heaven with Jesus- not in any pain and with her husband. Sad but ok. The other "Gloom" news is that our landlord is selling our place and we don't have the 1.1 million to buy it. We have started looking for a new place without much luck yet but I'm sure God will provide. This trial or circumstance definitely feels big and is a huge bummer- I don't want to move again, but in the grand scheme of things it's just a blip. We are grateful that we are all happy, healthy, and feel like this is where God has right now. Circumstances and situations do color life but we have been given the choice to choose how we see it and respond. We believe in God's providence and that he works all things together for good. Now lets find a new place to live...

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