Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Spectacular September...

Our kids love the sand and love being together
 This little ninja turtle was wiped out
 Tally's Under 5 soccer team name is The Magical Unicorn Frogs

 Martinet Ragin Cajun Family Reunion in Huntington Beach- So Fun!
 The kids always love abusing their uncle Jasun
 I call this bench the Whale Tail but the kids call it the Moustache bench :)
 Aricin and his cousin Samuel- best buddies and eatting the grapes with Crawfish Claws

 Soccer Fun- it's great and crazy having 2 kids in AYSO- I don't know what we're going to do When Oli's old enough for it
 Exploring Campus Point and UCSB

 Me and my little bro at Pure Order Brewery
 Aricin's experiment... He dropped his H2o bottle from our upstairs down onto the tile thinking his Nalgene wouldn't break- Surprise it shattered. Thank you REI for replacing it :) I'm sure this is just the first of many more of Aricin's experiments
 We said good bye to Jeremiah. We've loved this dog as our baby for the last 10 years but our new place has a strict NO DOG policy... so Jeremiah moved to my parents house in Visalia. It was sad for all of us but I think Jeremiah is happy to have a bigger yard to run in.
 Aaron and Aricin at the Skate park

 I love that they want to hold each other's hands- that for now they genuinely love each other. 

 I love Lemons and the Goleat Lemon Festival was fun for everything Lemon
 Oliver's 3rd birthday party and Pinata

 Aricin i think will always be a crazy climber
And my dad who dressed up in a Crocodile Costume for the Reunion. So fun!

September was crazy. We moved into our new place and are all unpacked. It's a cozy cottage filled with 800 square feet of us and our stuff. It's small but sufficient and we are happy here. Aaron spent a week in Orlando and I went down to Orange County for the Martinet Family reunion- so good to see all my cousins, aunts, uncles and eat so much good cajun food and crawfish! 

The kids have been busy with Soccer- practices during the week and games on the weekend. Tally scored all 4 of her teams goals in her last game- when she wants to play she's a beast and is fearless. Aricin prefers to play defense and is equally awesome at defending. Aricin has started Cub scouts and made a catapult at his last meeting- next week they are going to make boats out of duct tape and card board then race them before doing some kayaking- he loves this time with his dad. The kids have also started Awanas which has been really fun for them and a great date night for us :) Home schooling is going well. They love their Charter that they go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have started a home school science program on fridays at the Zoo. I've started a mom's bible study at church on thursdays as well as MOPS every other Friday. We are co-leading a home group with our good friends Zoe and Jason that just started- we're eager to get to know the people in our group on a deeper level. And for the first time in 7 years i'm starting to exercise regularly! We got a membership to the YMCA which is super close to us know and I've been trying to take advantage of the free child care- I've missed exercise and am excited to try to get back into shape :) Can you tell, we're a little bit busy? I'm jumping into a book club with some friends, i've been working sunday school at church, and am the Team Mom for Aricin's soccer team. I told Aaron- i need a vacation! Good news, a vacation is around the corner. Aaron's been asked to speak at a Conference in La Corntuna Spain in November- they are flying him out and we have enough frequent flyer miles for me to tag along also. So, in about 6 weeks we are going to take a Holiday in Spain. La Cortuna is an ancient port town on the North West Coast and I can't wait to explore it! 

People tell me it's fall, but unlike colorado it doesn't feel like fall. I enjoy the weather of Santa Barbara- I never have to check the weather here because it's almost always around 75- we did get extremes of 60 up to 85. but usually it's around 75 which is great, only now's like my favorite season other than summer. I've been baking pumpkin bread and hoping- secretly hoping for some cold weather to make the fall feel like it's really here. 

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