Sunday, January 04, 2015

December Fun

December trip to Disneyland

Trip to see the Nutcracker Ballet
Tally was excited for weeks in anticipation of the Father Daughter Ball

 Stop- Hunger- Now. food packing day at our church- it was such a cool opportunity to serve along side our kiddos

 Fall Pics
 I sewed skirts for T and her doll for Christmas... They kind of look like little Kenya School children :)

 Duplo Lego Play dates
SB Zoo Spyfari Christmas Party 

A's first surfing competition. He finished 7th out of 20! in the push in Division

 This was one of the only pics I got of Oli in the kids Christmas program at church. He's in the back watching the guitar guy :)
 Oli got a hair cut... by Aricin :)
 Christmas Cookie fun
I love Egg Nog- I had so many glasses of it christmas morning 

Cousin fun 
 Martinet Family Celebrity Party... Crazy good times and yes we all had to perform

 Toothless. He's breaking the tooth fairy's bank!
 evening exploring on our after dinner beach walks

December was good. It's kind of an exceptionally busy month. I love the holidays, i really do, but hate how procedural it feels at times. Christmas cards-check, christmas cookies-check, obligatory christmas shopping-check, drive to see christmas lights-check. Have our children spoiled like crazy with so many toys they don't really need-check. Going into Christmas I wanted one thing... To have an opportunity to give big- to do some sort of service project that would take the spot light off us and give us the chance to help others. 

Some of my favorite christmas memories are all moments where my family stopped in the midst of the holiday hecticness and gave extravagently. I remember one year my dad heard about a family from a coworker that couldn't afford to buy a tree or do christmas- we showed up at their door with a tree, trimmings, a bag full of wrapped presents for their family and chocolate cake my mom baked for them- they didn't speak much english but weaped and weaped in gratitude and thankfullness at the gesture. Another year we donated tons and tons of clothes and things to a family we had heard about on TV that had just lost everything in a fire. Another year we showed up at the hospital and popped up to the pediatrics wing to deliver gifts to the kids that were stuck in the hospital on christmas. Another year my mom arranged for all of us to donate blood to the blood bank which was dramatically low for that year. Another year we teamed up with Kiwanis and handed out boxes of food to needy families. These are the Christmas memories that I treasure and I want that for my kids. 

The week before Christmas we participated in a Stop-Hunger-Now event at our church which was pretty awesome. We filled thousands and thousands of bags that will go to help people around the world that are living in poverty and need food. It was neat to see our kids get excited about actively helping out filling and boxing the bags to help others. I want so bad to cultivate in my kiddos a heart for others. To have spirits that are quick to help those around them when they see needs arise. I want them to think about others before they think about themselves. Hopefully we as parents and as a family can do a better job of modeling this in this year to come. Please message me if you have ideas on how to actively engage your kids in serving. Cheers to the start of a New Year!

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