Sunday, March 01, 2015

February Fun...

Saturday fun...
 It's cookie season... and Tally is a Daisy. She sold 130 boxes and if you were one of her clients- THANK YOU :)
 Photo Shoot at the Zoo 

 She's got this modeling thing down...she very much enjoyed the photo shoot
 Aricin loves snakes

 Watch out Von Trapps... these kiddos love to play their guitars and sing
 We went to a magic show and Aricin got called up on stage 

 Future Cal Poly mustangs?
 Mommy Daughter date to starbucks- Tally picked out our shoes
 Valentines day Pedicures from mommy complete with fancy waters in wine glasses
Praise rocks- this was a fun project 
this girl loves her accessories!

February 2015 has come and gone. Tally loves being a Daisy in her girl scout troop and making new friends. Aricin has started baseball, still is in tiger cub scouts, and has become an avid reader of chapter books. Oliver is officially potty-trained. Woo Hoo! He was one funny kid that wants so bad to do school work like his brother and sister. Aaron's been working hard on Phd writing, creating SAT/ACT test prep curriculum for a local tutoring company, working at the zoo, and he just got a contract with Santa Barbara County to start doing Strengths Coaching with their management. I just helped my first clients close on an awesome newly built home in Lompoc, have been busy with Cultural Care Au Pair and will be flying to Boston this week for training with that. We are almost done with the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace training and have switched to a cash only lifestyle which has been interesting. With that, it's been awesome to see God provide for us in big ways this month as we try to agressively tackle school debt. Beyond that, one of the highlights of this month has been watching how God is working in the hearts of our kids. Oliver has started going to Awanas once a week and learning bible verses and it's so sweet to hear him talk about Jesus in his little 3 year old voice. Talia poses really thoughtful questions like... did God know when Jesus was born the suffering he'd have to go through on the cross? and... if God created everything what was around before God? She usually follows her questions with- will this stuff make more sense when I get older? And my sweet boy Aricin keeps asking if he could play his guitar downtown to raise money for the homeless. He has a heart for wanting to help the homeless in big ways. This week he asked Aaron if they could go to starbucks to have a meeting to brainstorm ideas on how he could make money for homeless people. This is something we're still working on but right now he wants me to sew blankets and pillows for us to bring to the homeless and instead of giving the money to the homeless he says he wants to raise money to give to the non-profits to give to the homeless (I think he learned that in his meeting with daddy). Parenting is such a gift- it's not always easy, but It's so awesome when you start to see their little personalities blossoming out of them. Their passions and the things that make them come alive start to come out. I love to tell my kids that God has big plans for them and that God created them special with unique gifts and talents to share with the world. I hope and pray they don't lose sight of that and always maintain a posture of gratitude- we have so much to be thankful for!

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