Thursday, April 30, 2015

Awesome April...

Date Night- a good friend got us free tickets to a great concert
 Aricin's 7th birthday party. They made a giant sling shot and knocked down boxes- little boy fun!

 Fun times with Uncle Jasun

 I'm loving the baby giraffe at the zoo
 Hanging out in daddy's office
 After dinner walk on the pier
 This guy had 3 root canals on his baby teeth. Poor guy and he actually brushes his teeth and we don't drink soda or juice. This kid genetically has bad teeth but he was a trooper
 I want my kids more than anything to Love Learning like we do.
 Dress up fun
 Zip line fun at the Church retreat in Malibu
 Whenever she gets scared she says "I can do this, I'm Brave, Strong, and Confident." Don't forget that sweet girl.
 Two little monkeys
 We went to a surf contest at the beach and Hurley was handing these hats out to the kids. Our kiddos love watching the surfers
April has come and gone. Aricin is almost done with baseball which as fun as it's been we are all looking forward to having those 4 days back (2 for practice and 2 for games) We went to a church retreat this month in Malibu which was a ton of fun and I was able to help facilitate the 50 pre-k and K kiddos programs. Aaron finished up his consulting job with Santa Barbara county through the company he started (The Well Group). Tally has enjoyed getting to know new friends through her girl scouts troop and Aricin is in the same boat with his cub scouts. All 3 kids will be finishing up Awanas in the next couple weeks- they love going every wednesday night and memorizing their bible verses to try to get new patches and jewels for their vests. I have been working with good friends trying to help them buy their first home and working with another friend trying to find them a home that would be a good fit. Surprisingly I'm really enjoying Real Estate and feel like I'm learning a lot. I have a wonderful mentor that has been super helpful and encouraging with all of the offers I've had to write up. Check me out at  Another thing I've been excited about is something called the IF table. It's a group of about 10 women I've selected to meet at my house once a month for a dinner party where we go a little deeper and try to be vulnerable as we seek out to create depth in new friendships in Santa Barbara. If this sounds cool to you... check out the IF: Gathering website and then go to IF: Table. It's been a blessing so far and I'm excited to see how God will speak into these relationships. Our renter is moving out of our Visalia house and we are looking to possibly sell- if you know of anyone interested in buying send them to me. We currently have an Italian Au Pair living with us (on our couch) she is very sweet and in transition (from a not so great placement in Montecito) she's been here for about 10 days and will probably be here for another 10 until we find her another family. Her name is Chiara and the kids have been enjoying asking her about Italy. I'm still working as a Childcare Coordinator with Cultural Care Au Pair which I really enjoy- This weekend I've planned a brunch at a great spot on the beach where the Au Pairs and Host Mom's will be playing a newlyweds style how well do you know you game with prizes of course. Did I mention I've started writing a new book? I don't know if I'll ever finish it... but I have it outlined and I've finished the first chapter so we will see... It's target audience is women and the premiss is "You can't have it all but what you can have is so much better" looking at societal pressures and cultural expectations and how we as women struggle with perfectionism- performance driven self worth and challenging that with the Kingdom perspective and what God says about how he sees us despite how we see ourselves. Aaron is still making progress with his Phd and we are hoping he will finish- in the next year. Life here is good. We are enjoying the kids, our hectic but fun life here, and each other. You are welcome to come visit us- we love guests.

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