Sunday, October 04, 2015

A Spectacular September...

I felt like we were on Speed in September... It was so fun but very go-go-go... we are looking to chill a little more in October
 Watching the Wednesday Sail Boat Races at the Harbor
 After dinner stroll
 To cool for school
 Soccer has started and T and A both scored goals in their first games- and of course it's the one game I had to miss :(
 Hanging out at a Polo Match
 Polo Fun with my Au Pairs

 Polo- the kids are clearly excited
 Aricin and has best friend at school
 Oli at the Blue Whale Bones
 Oli Adventures
 Aricin was in charge of the Rock Climbing wall for the Race
 my sis-n-law and hopefully some day sis-n-law
 Bros and Sis's
 Love my crazy family...

 We threw an Amazing Race adventure for 9 teams mostly my family and good family friends through Santa Barbara. It was a total of around 20 stops. Having them walk a slack line, climb rock walls, kayak, lip sing, paint, fish, skate board, and do so many other crazy things- all in all it made for a ridiculously fun day of family memories.
 The next day we set out for a 2 week road trip to Colorado. First stop was the Western Slope. We love Palisade. We borrowed bikes from my awesome Uncle Rondo's Bike Shop and went Wine Tasting
 Then we drove up to Mesa Lakes and did some hiking and fishing

 We got to see the changing colors of fall

 The kids had so much fun. Go Broncos!

 Oil Turned 4!
 Aricin reconnected with old buddies

 These two love being brother and sister
 These ladies hold a piece of my heart- They ARE our Colorado Family and I treasure them dearly

 The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has been ranked one of the top 5 zoo's in the country- I'd highly recommend it!  

 We got to pet and feed a Hippo!
 We got to pet and feed Ginger- a Beaver that's allergic to all wood except aspen and Willow. 

 Tuckered out kids!
 Skate park fun
 DENVER! oh how we Love DENVER!

 Aricin had to take a pic with this statue- he remembered hugging it as a toddler 
 Dodgers Lost but A got to learn how to blow a bubble- so that was a win and We got to go down on the field for an Amazing Fire Works show with friends

 Alpine Slides- this was one of our favorite things to do when we lived in Colorado. It was great to do it one last time- it's closing down in a couple weeks. So sad!

It's safe to say- we felt very comfortable being back in Colorado. It felt a little bit like home, but not as much as Santa Barbara. We do want to make this trip a regular thing and look forward to more adventures in Colorado in the future. Our 2 weeks went by too fast and I can't express how good it was to sit down with old friends for all of us- Colorado and it's people will always be special for us. It was awesome to go around and all of us share what we were most thankful for on our trip during the long drive home- as we tried to Thank God for our time and the memories. 

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