Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another Year Another Ode...

Marshall Family Christmas Ode 2015, Volume 11
Hello friends, here’s a note from us to you
Filled with love and sharing what’s new…

Aricin (7) surfed his first contest, started 2nd grade and loves to read
Soccer, Scouts, Baseball and Skateboarding are habits he likes to feed.

Talia started 1st grade and turned 6 this fall
She’s artistic, smart, and girly but kicks a mean soccer ball.

Oliver is now 4 and has started pre-school
He’s quite the dare devil, jokester, and thinks his siblings rule.

Making Pinewood Derby Cars & selling Girl Scout Cookies
Our kiddos keep us busy running around like little wookies

Aaron loves his job as Director of Ed. at the SB Zoo
His PhD is still in progress always leaving him with something to do

The Phd will be done this spring  - do you know a copy reader?
And this year Aaron was selected as a tri-county 40 under 40 business leader

My days are full of homeschooling and Real Estate
Laughing often with the kids and enjoying our Wed night date

For 2 weeks we caught up with sweet friends in Colorado
And later took a week long family trip to San Diego

We saw several Dodger games this year
And conquered Mile High Alpine Slides with minimal fear

We went Wine Tasting on bikes on Colorado’s Western Slope
And ran an ‘Amazing Race’ in SB for 50 relatives - it was pretty dope

We got to feed Giraffes , a Hippo, and a Beaver
We carved family time for game nights & dance party fever

We love SB – can’t get enough of the beach and sand
Combing for shells, building sandcastles, paddling, & surf keeps us tanned

Grateful for where we’re at, what we have, and who we do life with
We remember God is good and his Providence is no myth

We are trying to learn how to slow down and rest more,
To be intentional with those around us, to keep an open door

We are trying to live simpler
Have less things without so many whimpers

We want to let go of unreasonable expectations
Instead choosing to offer grace filled relations

We are trying to grasp a posture of Gratitude
To help us with a more joyful attitude

So that’s our year so much to tell
We hope you are happy healthy and well

We wish you PEACE, LOVE, JOY and blessings this holiday season
And invite you to visit us anytime for any reason

With Love and Extending Big Hugs,
Aaron, Janay, Aricin, Talia, and Oliver

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