Saturday, December 05, 2015

November 2015

 Sometimes I can't believe we actually live here

My cousin, Vincent got married and we had fun celebrating 

 We like to have family dance parties in our house :)
 And family game nights with pop corn
 Family hike through the Butterfly Preserve to the Santa Barbara Bluffs
 Game Face
 We had a Buttefly/ Bumblee Birthday party for Tally
 Soccer Season is officially over
 Rock Climbing with the Thomsons

 We found a couple old surf boards next our neighbors were throwing away and Aricin was super excited about our find
 Tally and her sweet friend, Maleah
 Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving!
 It's that time of year again.... our silly elf

 This boy owns my heart

 Christmas Parade time
We have been having fun as you can see. Life's been busy but good. I'm working on a Real Estate deal that has been feeling a little all consuming- hoping everything slows down soon.

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