Friday, July 31, 2015

Just another Awesome July...

This is summer. These 3 crazies getting so dirty and playing until they almost fall asleep
 I love this kid, my baby brother came down to SB with his sweet girl friend, Jenna for the 4th of July
 This girl has acquired my grace or lack there of. She bonked into Oli and got a huge fat lip- poor baby
 Fun times at Pure Order Brewery

 Beach fun
 Oliver loves to pretend he has a bakery and always asks what we would like. Sometimes he hires Talia to work for him :)
 Do you remember doing this as a kid? getting out of a cold pool and laying down on the warm cement after swim lessons
 these two just wanted to cuddle while Aricin had his lesson and I sort of loved it
 Action shot of me cleaning up something or putting something away because that's what i do
 Swim lessons at UCSB
 This girl got flowers on her last day of dance camp after her awesome performance
 Tally's girl scout troop went to the sea center

 Face Painting fun at a birthday party

 Date night!! Sunset Sip Wine Tasting at where else? The Santa Barbara Zoo
 Roller Blading with the two littles along Cabrillo while Aricin was at Skate boarding camp
 This kid loves to skate and has learned lots of new tricks this summer

 We love the Harbor... i'd say we go there at least once a week. One of my favorite spots and we can't get enough of the fish tacos from On The Alley

 This kid had a great ride! he loves to surf

This kid wasn't old enough to go to Soccer camp. So he dressed the part and hung out with me for a week of mommy dates :) 
 Aricin in disguise
 Mommy Oli date

Mommy Aricin date- he is such a natural climber with no fear 

 Tally and her girl scouts had a fun craft day
Tally and her grandpa

As you can see July was great. We had lots of visitors from one of Aaron's old students, to Visalia friends, to family- we love seeing and connecting with people. The kids have been busy with camps this summer from dance camp, to skateboarding camp, to soccer camp, to VBS, to swim lessons, to Zoo Camp they have been getting out and having fun this summer. I'm proud to report Aaron is making awesome progress on his Phd! And I have been busy working with a client looking to buy ocean view land as well as working with 12 new incoming Au Pairs and their host families. And I've started writing a book I'm really excited about. The premiss is "You can't have it all, but what you can have is so much better." Looking at why we strive to have it all, do it all, be it all and what the wisdom of the Kingdom of God says that contradicts that and how we can find peace in that. I've completed 3 of the 7 chapters... I'll keep you posted on my progress because writing with my little people around isn't so easy :)

Friday, July 03, 2015

Just June... No Gloom

 We took a day trip to visit friends in Morro Bay and had to stop in Pismo at Splash for the Chowder
 So many kids! It was great to visit with two couples that we love ... Crazy to think the 6 of us used to hang out and now there are 8 more :)
 Tally- our forever princess
 Trav and Aaron... I grew up with Travis and now they live in Colorado- love those guys
 Crazy kids

 This picture sums up Oliver's personality quite well
 First day of summer we went to Knit Fit and the kids each picked something to paint 
 Zoo Brew with my bro... next year we gotta get my other bro there too... He's a brewmaster and is even growing his own hops these days
 Too. Much. Fun. I really liked the Avocado Beer from Carpinteria

 I brought my Au Pairs surfing ... they had a great time
 The Aquarium of the Pacific.... such a cool place. We got to touch Jellies

 These two can't get enough of each other

 LAKE ARROWHEAD! We love going to the mountains and visiting with our sweet Grandma Ruth in Lake Arrowhead

 Oli made the Santa Barbara News Press with Tiny the Bear
 Tally's girl scout troop got to take a trip on the Brew Bus. I know sounds crazy but one of the other Daisy's dad's is the driver... Tally loved the pole inside. Yikes!
 Fiesta Ranchera- Taste of Santa Barbara at the Stowe House on our 11 year Anniversary. Good Times!
 Tally playing dress up with the sitters while we were out having fun

 Anniversary paddle session in the Harbor- love that we can do this
 Giants fan - just like his grandpa
 Dodger game
 So much fun with family. Go Dodgers! The giants won :( And Uncle Jesse spoiled the kids like crazy!

 Fathers Day Fish Taco Picnic at the Beach
 Lego Zoo
 Camping trip with Daddy

 Aaron took the kids for a 36 hour camping trip and left me... All by myself and it was wonderful!
 Beach Bum
 Aricin is almost famous in the Zoo Parking lot
 Pool fun
 This is how Oliver sleeps- crazy kid
Bowling with the kids

June was great! I love SUMMER! And June is Aaron's birthday month, father's day, and our anniversary month. As you can see we played a lot. Went to Morro Bay, the Long Beach Aquarium, Lake Arrowhead, and have enjoyed life here in SB. God is good, we are enjoying the kids, the beach, each other, and all of our visitors and friends.