Tuesday, February 02, 2016

December and January running arounds

 Ramos family Lazer Tag was amazing!
 The beloved Elf made his appearance in December...

 we got to be in the Christmas Parade... So fun!

 Aricin is growing up way too fast!

 Stop Hunger Now... has been such a great annual way to serve as a family
 watching the surf

Surf Happens Surf Contest 

 Such a stud
 Snow in SB (fake snow is still fun)
 Costume Craziness
 The beauty of the Central Valley
Festival of Lights was awesome 

 Tally's first Mani- compliments of Grandma Julie
 Me and my mini me
 Fresno Zoo fun
 This girl lost her first tooth
 This kid cracks us up
 Ninja fun

 Date with mommy- we went Ice Skating in SB
 This boy is so creative and loves thinking outside the box
 Painting fun with friends

 Aricin won the Pine wood derby competition for cub scouts 
 Kids helping Kids Benefit Concert featuring the band Need to Breathe. This event was so much! Aaron is on the board and was able to surf with the band members the day of the snow which was pretty cool
 Ran into an old friend- she was my setter at Westmont for Volleyball back in 1997-98
 We got box seats with our own private butler- i didn't want to go home :)

 Horses birthday party for a sweet friend

 my boys
 Tally and her friends

 Tally and Daddy getting ready for the Father daughter dance

 Evening strolls on the beach

 Our beach finds... I love looking for shells
Life is good. Its crazy busy and full but we are trying desperately to slow down and enjoy these moments with these sweet and nutty kids. I'm working more than i'd like but hopefully it will pay off soon. The kids are growing up so fast. I still feel like its a huge blessing to be able to home school them monday, wednesdays, and fridays- being able to stop and read with them or teach them is such a gift and they are so enjoyable. Aaron and I are reading Ann Voskamps 1000 gifts and trying to more deliberate about documenting all of the things we have to be thankful for as a reminder of God's goodness even when we feel disgruntled. I'm hoping to foster a spirit of gratitude in the kids as well

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