Friday, April 01, 2016

A Magnificent March...

 We took a trip to Riverside for a conference Aaron spoke at and had so much fun exploring...

 We took a trip to Lake Arrowhead and popped up to Big Bear to do an Alpine Slide Adventure

 Aricin loves making things with Legos
 A few of my crazy Au Pairs that I get to manage through my job at Cultural Care Au Pair
 I brought T and A rock climbing and they loved it
 These two love each other soo much
 SB after the last storm
 Princess Day at the SB Zoo...

 Oli rocking out on the dance floor
 Aricin touching a chuckwalla
 Tally got her Hair and Make up done at the Zoo

 Dress up day at Trivium
 Bubble Gum Alley- SLO
 Flying high on an awesome swing with friends

March was busy and great. Aricin is doing baseball and Aaron is one of the Assistant coaches. Both A and T are in scouts. Aaron is so close to finishing his PhD. I have a house I've been trying to sell for the last 5 months- hopefully a buyer will come along soon! Aricin is turning 8 this weekend and we doing a mini stay cation in Ventura. Princess Day at the Zoo was awesome, our trip to Riverside and Lake Arrowhead was fun and Easter was great because we got to spend time with family in Thousand Oaks. Life is good and we're trying to get into to a rhythm as a family of documenting all of the little things we have to be thankful and grateful- as well dwell on those things a contagious joy seems to follow. 

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