Thursday, June 30, 2016

No Gloom this June...

 June started with Aaron turning 40 and us attending the Zoo Brew Festival. Fun tradition that we do every year with my brother Jasun and his friends.
Jasun is the king of silly shirts and every year he wears his bird hat :) 

Talia graduated from Daisies and is now a Brownie in Girl Scouts 

These two nutters moved 20 minutes away. So excited to have my brother and sis-n law close in Ventura while she starts on her Residency 
Aaron's party 

Blueberry Picking and Ostrich Farm Fun 

Fun at the Zoo with these wild animals 

Special brunch date with my sweet friend Katie- I love this girl like a sister and wish she would leave Colorado and move to California 

Watching the Sail boat Regatta 
These boys were cracking each other up at VBS 
Aunt Ginny and Uncle John in Avila are so great at getting the kids to help make dinner 
Avila hike 
San Francisco with this hot guy on our 12 year anniversary 
16 years ago I traveled the world (Greece, Spain, Norway, Russia, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, and Israel) with these two. When we met I was the girl from California, Brad from North Carolina, and Abby from Colorado but we've been able to stay friends over all these years. We celebrated Brad's marriage in SF 

SF with the kids 
we really tuckered them out 

There's something so special when your kids become friends with your friends kids. Marshall and Noland kids love each other and we love that. Dan and Lindsey Noland are special to us. I played Volleyball with Linds and lived with her in college. Dan was Aaron's best friend in high school and they set us up.  

We experimented with some tie dying and it worked 
 exploring the harbor with friends

 Beach Walks
This little guy graduated from Pre-school and when interviewed he said he learned more about Jesus this year in pre-school and when he grows up he wants to be a Zoo keeper.

Would you believe we've had guests more of June then we've had the house to ourself? We love hosting and love being with people and consider it a blessing to have people come and be with us. We are currently watching friends of ours's 4 year old and 9 year old for the week and enjoying the Chaos of running around with 5 kiddos.

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