Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Wonderfully Crazy Busy July...

 We have been blessed with being able to hang out, host, and spend time with some of our closest friends this summer as they visited us and we got share Santa Barbara with them
Our goods friends Dan and Lindsey (who set us up- years ago) took a week long trip to New York and left their 4 year old and 9 year old with us- we had a blast with 2 extra kids around

My brother Jon and sis n law Courtney now live in Ventura- so excited to have them close 

Can't get enough of her toothless grin 
this boy never stops climbing things 
 horse racing with grandma
 wild man

Sailing Camp 
Build a Bear with her girl scout troop 
We went to a wedding ... 24 hours early because somehow I missed that in the planning :) 
Grammy and Tali doing speed hand clapping with giggles 
Grandpa Jorgie showing Aricin how its done 
Wedding time 
7/11 Free Slurpee Day 
Zoo Camp with their best friends 
Double Date night with our special friends who set us up 
Puppet Posse Crew 
Aricin's famous 
practicing snake handling 
Old watching Lions 
Making their habitats for the Scales and Tales Camp 

 Old riding the train
Aaron had to borrow Aricin's rash guard because he forgot his... 
Evening beach walks are the best 
Sea World- we got annual passes and went 3 days in a row with friends 

Crystal Pier Kids Fishing Derby 
Oli and Tavish 

 Seaworld Silliness

Saying Goodbye to Daddy for his 10 day trip to Belize... Missing him like Crazy! 
Old fell and landed on his chin... landing him in the ER with 3 stitches 

My parents surprised us with a trip to see a Giants Game- so fun! 
Swimming with Grandpa Rick 
Uncle Jasun showing Oli how it's done 
 Tally is a Fiesta Flower girl this year with her best friend Piper

Saying this summer has been busy is an understatement. We have been running non-stop. We had people staying at our house 21 of the 31 days of June. While Aaron and I are both extroverts and love hosting and entertaining. We are wiped out. The kids have stayed busy with Gymnastics camp, Dance camp, Robotics Camp, Sailing Camp, VBS, trips to the Library, hanging out with friends, trips to San Diego, Trip to Visalia, Trip to San Francisco, and I'm sure I'm leaving something out. And in the midst of all of this Aaron's been busy with work at the Zoo and I've been busy with both real estate and my au pair job. I'm currently working with a client who is an escrow selling their home and in escrow with their replacement property. If all goes as planned we will close on both the end of August and then we can celebrate. We are all looking forward to slowing down and getting into a normal slower rhythm but are thankful for the fun memories and good times we've had this summer.

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