Friday, September 30, 2016

A Sizzling September...

 We got to go rock climbing with great friends on a family double date night
 Soccer has begun and these two are animals on the field
 Special dinner out with the Strong family and their sweet kiddos
Lucha Libre tacos- San Diego- Best Burritos I've ever had! 
Super Star 
Deep Sea Fishing- This was a blast... We went out of Point Loma and the kids loved it. No one got sick and we all caught lots of fish 

While in San Diego... Daddy did the conference and we did happy hour at the hotel 
Then went on dinner dates like this one to Sushi 
 Sea World San Diego
 Martinet Family Reunion is always a special fun time

Me and my maid of honor- Joelle 

Aricin saved a craw fish from the pot and made a habitat for it. Can you say.. My daddy works at a zoo :) 

The cousins 
The Ramos crew 
Touch tank back at SeaWorld 

Balboa Park San Diego- the pictures don't do it justice- such a beautiful spot! 


 This kiddo started Water Polo
We had a family date night at Westmont and saw a Volleyball game and visited the Observatory 

Grandma and Grandpa surprised us one saturday and showed up at the kids games 
This kiddo turned 5! 
Oli's best buddies at his bouncing birthday party 
 We went to a concert this week

So excited to announce the closing of these two properties last week. It's been a long journey on these two and so glad to be on the other side.

Good times and good to be back in a normal rhythm with the start of school and fall. Life is good.

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