Thursday, September 01, 2016

An Awesome August

The two bigger kids did an overnighter at the Zoo next to the Lions while we went to a Sunset Sip at the Zoo and got taste some great wine... I'd say that's a Win-Win
This kid is Zoofamous and loves it
 When Uncle Jon babysits he makes a pizza bar for the kids to make their own pizzas
VIA FIESTA! Talia's first year as a Fiesta Flower Girl  

Meanwhile Aaron was in Belize swimming with Manatees until a Hurricane was headed straight towards him- by the grace of God he got out on the last seat of the last flight that got out before it hit 
Churros at the Mission 
Whip Cream straight to the mouth compliments of Grandma 
So fancy
 Trolly rides for the flower girls

 Date with Oli
Aricin did a surf contest with Uncle Jon helping push him in 

More of Fiesta Fun 

 UCSB Swim Lessons

 Surfer Boy

SB RODEO- Oli did great Mutton Bustin for the First time and Talia got Second Place 

Getting Crafty painting pottery 

Fun at the Harbor 

We did a Fun Color Run on my birthday 
Pure Order Brewing Co... with the fan 

UCSB Soccer Skills day 
First Day of school 
DODGER GAME with the fan 

I'm exhausted all over again looking at these pics- We had an awesome summer but I'm glad to ease into a normal fall routine. I'm hoping to close escrow on 2 properties in the next couple weeks- which will free up a lot of time and emotional space. We've got 3 kiddos in school now with Oli starting TK, Tally in 2nd and Aricin in 3rd. Life is good

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