Saturday, February 04, 2017

Jumping into January

New Years Celebrations with sweet friends 
Throw back to special times at Christmas with family 
Tally was grandpa's nap buddy
Daddy Daughter Dance- Pretty much her favorite day of the year

 Walks at the Harbor

 Our new pet Gustavo has so many fun outfits
Beach walks with the kiddos 
 Date Night: Kids Helping Kids Concert with Gavin DeGraw
We visited Jon and Court when they camped in Carp 
My little Explorers 

 One of my favorite places in town is the Butterfly Preserve- it's magical
This kiddo rolled out of his top bunk and ended up having to get 4 staples in his head. They gave him this super hero pack but he gave it to another kiddo in the hospital that looked sicker then him

Tally's girl scout troop went to see the play Beauty and the Beast 
Date Night: We got to taste test amazing foods and drinks for a local event planner. I don't think I've ever been that full. We were gluttons. 
Love this man, we have so much fun together 
Aaron coaching Oli's basketball team

January flew by. Life is good here. The boys are both in Basketball- keeping us busy and Tally will be starting Tennis in February. We really enjoyed all the rain and cold weather in January- it was so sweet to feel a different season then sunny and beautiful. 

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