Sunday, April 23, 2017

March & April Adventures..

Baseball Boys

 Gustavo our porch Goose
 School Shenanigans

Princess Day at the SB ZOO 

 Evening walks at the Harbor
 Anacapa School Benefit Auction with good friends

Trivial Pursuit Cruise Champions 
 Cruise fun

 Zip lining
My sis-n-law, Dr. Courtney 

Aricin's 9th Birthday Party at the Skate Park 

Oli and Claire Bear have the same birth day and love each other like bro and sis 

 Aricin and David are such good friends
 Linds and I played Volleyball together at Vestment. Her and Dan set Aaron and I up
 Tally and Kate

 Butterfly Preserve Adventures

 More from the Cruise

 MOXI Science Museum fun 

 Our Bounty after a walk on the beach... so many shells

History Day at school 

Aricin caught an Alligator Lizard  

 Kite Flying fun

Easter... He is Risen 

Crab Boil fun with Friends 
We've been so busy- good busy I think and have really been able to enjoy good food, family, and friends the last couple months. From parties, to the cruise, to baseball games life has been full and good. I've finally quit my au pair job after 4 years with Cultural Care and Aricin has been killing it in Baseball getting solid doubles in his last couple games. Aaron just finished his second book and we leave in a few days for a monster family vacation that we are all super excited for.

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