Thursday, August 31, 2017

August 2017

 Santa Barbara's Fiesta (Old Spanish Days ) Parade

 We to ride in this super old wooden cart pulled by horses
 Rodeo time... Talia wore her spurs that she won from her prize bags from her Champion Mutton Bustin days
 Oli practiced Mutton Bustin on Aricin
 All ready for the Rodeo

 Fiesta childrens parade and lots of confetti eggs

 Baby Bro (Jon) turned 30!

 SB Zoo Summer Family BBQ. Aricin did a Pie eating contest 

 Tug-o war

 New Puzzle Completed
 Family Fantasy Football draft

 Painting Rocks on the Patio
 Paddle Boarding for my bday- So many sting rays cruising below us
 Wine Tasting on the pier

 Night out with my bro
 Fun times at Buns- Bunny Rescue Facility

 Club Waterpolo for Aricin and Talia has begun
 Fun times with the Nolands Wine Tasting on the Pier 

My mom and Dad just took at trip to Cancun to celebrate that he is officially Cancer Free. WooHoo!

 School's back in session
 Aricin loves to catch lizards and watch polly wogs grow in our back yard bucket into frogs. First there was Flash the one below is Bull

 Fun party night out at the Zoo. Tiki style and we got to hang out with a baby Armadillo

Life is good. It's good to jump back into the fall and find new routines and habits. The kids love their teachers, T and O are playing AYSO and might also start a club development soccer league. A is playing Fall Ball baseball and has just started Club Water polo. T might also do Water Polo. T is working as a peer body after school with a special needs kiddo. They have Awanas wednesday nights and yes... we still have 1 car... I feel like a professional Uber driver most days :) We're busy but it still seems manageable and everyone loves what they are doing.