Thursday, August 03, 2017

JULY 2017

 We did an awesome Pirate themed Escape Room with good friends while our kids were at a night time VBS.

 Fun at the Skate park 
 Fishing on the Pier
20 Years ago I arrived at Westmont and met Lindsey, one of my closest friends who actually set Aaron and I up (Lindsey's hubby Dan is Aaron's best friend from high school) Long story short they are very special friends to us and their 3 kiddos are close with our 3 kiddos. This is the first year our daughters were old enough to attend Volleyball camp at Westmont and it was so sweet. Even better they both love Volleyball now 

 I took the boys on a long run... I ran... they skate boarded then we hit Blenders 

 This is our attempt at a family picture with these guys on the 4th of July :)

 Date out with Linds - so fun

The kids made Fidget Spinners at Moxi 

 Talia at Girl Scout Camp

Fun in Lake Arrowhead 

Fun at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney 

 I Found this awesome clock at a TJMaxx in Orange County and I fell in love... too bad it's waaaay too big for our place or I would have brought it home

 Cousin Maddy's Bridal Shower in Avila

 Beach fun with Bryn

Oli won a summer reading program Raffle at the Library

 So much fun. I love Summer time!