Thursday, November 02, 2017

October 2017

Our good friend, Jon Conrad turned 40 and we all got dressed up 20's style to attend a Great Gatsby themed Champagne Festival in Avila Beach... it was so fun!


 Early morning Donuts with the Noland Crew
 This kid is LOVING 805 Club Waterpolo
 Santa Barbara Rescue Mission's Fundraiser "The Bayou in Paris"

 The kiddos playing with baby Flamingos at the Zoo
 Embarrassing Aaron taking a selfie while we were working out at the Gym
 Comedy Show at the SB Zoo

 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS for my mom's bday

 Boo at the Zoo

 CS Lewis Lecture and Double Date night with the Schalhoubs

 Halloween in SB- Pumpkin Patching
 Dress up at School

 Jackie Robinson, Chicharito, and Nancy Drew
 Too tuckered out to stay up for the Dodger Game

 Gustavo and his holiday outfits

 MULLY is an amazing film filled with good and hope- go see it! We got to see it at the Arlington and  here Mully live speak to the audience after- it was awesome

This sweet girl, just turned 8! she's growing too fast! love her to pieces!

I worked the annual Rummage Sale for Junior League and had so much fun!

Life continues to be busy and fun. The kids keep me taxing them around from activity to activity. Through the craziness we are trying to continue to be thankful for it all and all the fun we're having.


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