Tuesday, August 07, 2018

July 2018

 Tally really enjoyed Volleyball camp again at Westmont

 The boys enjoyed catching things in the Westmont pond

 4th of July fun in Ventura with Jon and Court

Fun at Buns... Bunny Rescue 

 Ice in Paradise


 Skate Camp

 Aaron was in Belize for 2 weeks teaching a class through the University of Miami Ohio

Junior Olympics for Waterpolo at Stanford 

 Oakland Zoo

 Oliver- Mutton Bustin Champion

 Our Fiesta Flower Girl
I love Summer time. Summer Holidays (The 4th and Fiesta) Lazy days and travel. July was good and August is already starting to slip away from us. Soon they will be back in school- which I'm also a little excited about if we're being honest

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