Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

Marshall Family Christmas Ode 2018, Volume 14

Hello Friends, here’s a note from us to you
Filled with love and sharing what’s new

2018 had an eerie, heavy start as Santa Barbara recovered from the Thomas fire
a community hit with mud slides that took lives, homes, & left unsettling dire.

Over the year, we  snuck off on several trips without the littles
Wine tasting, Mac N Cheese Fest, and Niagara Falls. All more fun than skittles

With the kids, we visited Palm Springs, San Diego, and Huntington Lake
and did an epic Pacific Northwest Road trip leaving fun in our wake.

We had a roaring time throwing our annual Murder Mystery Party -1920’s style
and spent time cuddling a baby giant anteater leaving us all with perma-smiles

We saw great shows from Need to Breathe, Dispatch, & Andy Grammar.
And loved the Martinet Family reunion eating Gumbo, crawfish, and Beignet with Cajun swagger

We’re officially a Club water polo family -  with all 3 kids playing
Aaron’s coaching too, so we spend lots of weekends poolside. I’m just saying.

Aricin (10) is growing and maturing into a wise young guy
He is very analytical and loves building and creating things -oh my

Talia (9) has a tender heart for helping those around her
She loves reading, writing, and cuddling anything with fur

Oliver (7) is funny, super clever, and has a knack of thinking outside the box
He is tough too, our rodeo Mutton Bustin Champ. He rocks!

For Halloween we had a minion, a pirate, and Harry Potter as our delegates
Kids make holidays so fun, their joy, giggles, and curiosity spreads & radiates

We still home school part time & attend a Charter school the rest of the week
I enjoy working with them one on one, seeing them process & grow is the peak

I played in Westmont’s Alumni Volleyball game this summer & my Rotator Cuff’s still not 100%
and I ran the Lululemon Half Marathon in Canada through rain. Such an empowering event

I’ve enjoyed serving  on the Rescue Mission Auxiliary, and mentoring.
I’m also on the YMCA board & fundraising with Junior League to stop trafficking.

Aaron’s becoming  Chief Operating Officer at the SB Zoo
He also just finished his 3rd book (Go buy it) and teaches adjunct with University of Miami, Ohio.

We are grateful - for where we are, what we have, & who we do life with
We remember God is good and his Providence is no myth

We’re learning to slow down and rest more
To be intentional with those around us & to keep an open door

The kids are growing up too fast. We’re trying to embrace every moment
knowing soon they’ll be grown and we’ll just have each other to torment

We are fighting the battle of less screen time as a family
Learning to think, act, and do life more intentionally

I love the line, “The thrill of Hope, a weary world rejoices”
Circumstances are beyond our control, but our response? Those are our choices

As a family we want to choose joy, kindness, patience, and forgiveness
we often forget, but it’s worth striving for this Christmas

We want to let go of unrealistic expectations
instead choosing to offer grace filled relations

We are trying to grasp a posture of gratitude
to help us with a more joyful attitude

We try, and strive, and feel like we are falling short - that we’re not enough
but in our weakness and imperfections, we’re reminded life can be rough

Despite our longings, we can’t do it all, be it all, or have it all…
but when we let go, when we trust, when we abide, and have a hope that is tall

God steps in, shows up, and is with us
working all things together for good, without much fuss

We wish you PEACE, LOVE, JOY and blessings this holiday season
and invite you to visit us anytime for any reason

Aaron, Janay, Aricin, Talia, and Oliver
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